Last week I enjoyed taking pictures of nature in the Scottish Highlands during a week-long vacation. Like many of us, I found it difficult to stop thinking about work…and then I got to thinking.

Spending time taking photographs for personal reasons is like creating a digital mood board, used by ad agencies and brands as a visual tool to establish a vision and aesthetic for a campaign. I suppose my Scottish experience is serving as one more example of how personal branding and passion relate to brand marketing, which I also discuss here.

So what kind of brand might feature nature photography in its mood board?

  • national, state and local tourism agencies
  • resorts with hiking trails and other outdoor activities
  • food-to-table restaurants
  • retreats promising enlightenment and greater self-awareness
  • a brand taking an ecological stance

In any event, I hope you enjoy this content as we gear up for another week — most likely in front of a computer.

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