When I first wrote about artist and MASS District co-founder Stephanie Leyden, for the January issue of Lifestyle magazine, I called her the fairy godmother of the local art scene.

Read my full story on the city’s art scene at: http://bit.ly/BeArtFLL

Since then, I’ve learned she’s all that and a bag of chips. Or, should I say, a raucous time at Elbo Room on Friday nights. But I digress.

For more than a year — as part of the monthly art walks in Fat Village and MASS District — Steph has been hosting so-called art brawls outside Art Attack, the gallery she founded in 2013. About four to eight artists sign up to paint each month, vying to see who gets the most tips from passersby.

Steph supplies each artist with a tip jar; the one with the most money at the end of the night wins the brawl. Each artist takes home 100% of his or her tips; she never takes a cut, although she finances the entire event, including all the promotions and hard costs such as a tent, tables, wine and beer. Of course, you can buy any of the works onsite at a price set by the artist.

Interest in the brawls has steadily grown among artists and patrons alike. This Saturday, March 30, 14 artists will be live-painting from 6-10 pm, making it Steph’s first ever MEGA art brawl.

Come for the Art, Stay for the Raffle

Supporting local artists should be enough for you to attend. But with Steph, there is always room for surprise.

For the first time in art brawl history, this Saturday will feature a raffle with two mega prizes — courtesy of donations by artists and area businesses. You could literally walk away with multiple pieces of art to add new life to your home.

Where it’s at: the culturally inclined convene at Art Attack in MASS District. 807 NE 4th Avenue.

The skinny:

  • Come with dollar bills to tip the artists and buy $2 raffle tickets. (Credit cards after $10 for raffle tickets only.)
  • Ticket sales benefit Art Attack and MASS District, making future art brawls possible.
Stephanie Leyden. “Nocturnal Bliss.” 3′ x 4′ hand-stretched canvas. $450.

See you under the moon light!

More info:

Instagram: @artattack42013 and @steph.leydenart

Facebook: ArtAttackFTL

Artists: Visit www.risingzen.com/art-braw-submissions to apply to paint at future art brawls.

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