On your side of the bed 

So I don’t have to look
at your side
from my side
or yearn for your fingers
to stretch across the mattress —
touch mine.

On your side,
I become your hand,
mingle my skin cells
with your cells —
kick off the comforter,
pull up the sheet,
transfer warmth.
Breathe a new day,
see your part of the ceiling,
make eggs coffee-milk-one-sugar.

I could easily shift a few feet,
mess up my side of the bed —
Have to make up that side now.
It’s just I chose not to.

Lingering a bit longer than normal,
perhaps more than I should,
my hand stretching
over to my side
from your side.

“I Sleep” is a poem in the series Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Other Tales of Love and Loss by Sally O’Dowd. It was originally published by Literati Magazine. Image credit: © Carollynn Tice | Dreamstime.com

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