• Amanda wants to help African communities build strong economies using solar panels.
  • Samantha hopes to invent, manufacture and market a product that will broaden access to purified water in India.
  • Kim plans to study the bacteria and viruses living in humans and on our skin so she can spread a message of unity – we are all the same, down to microbes. In 30 years, she wants to campaign on her humanitarian message during a U.S. presidential run.

These South Florida high school seniors represent the global zeitgeist – a ubiquitous belief that innovation should help all stakeholders in society, not an elite few.

Along with the crusade led by Parkland, Fla., students fighting for gun control, these teenagers’ dreams are the perfect way to illustrate the message in Creativity Is Contagious: Brands and Culture for the Common Good,” my second multimedia, video-infused publication. My first magazine, Creativity Is Risky: Free Speech in a Charlie Hebdo World, explores threats to free speech and the media in the wake of the 2015 murders of 11 French journalists by two members of Al Queda.

Just as journalists and professors in “Creativity Is Risky” discussed fundamental human rights, dozens of communications pros and concerned citizens come together in Creativity Is Contagious: Brands and Culture for the Common Good to discuss the role of business in a society wrought with complex problems.

  • Does your company have an informed point of view on a social issue?
  • Do you create products and services that tangibly improve people’s lives?
  • Are you sincere and authentic in all you say and do?

If not, it’s time for a reset, argue Ms. Carmichael and other business leaders interviewed for this magazine. On the other hand, if the common good is inherent in your DNA, then the world wants to hear about it.

Relaunching Sally On Media in Florida:  

Building Socially Conscious Brands with Multimedia Content

You might ask, “Why publish e-zines?”

As with Creativity Is Risky, I believe it’s the right thing to do. Moreover, people are hungry for stories that heal, not divide. From a commercial standpoint, “Creativity Is Contagious, Brands and Culture for the Common Good” marks the relaunch of my consultancy, Sally On Media, following my 2017 move from Manhattan to Fort Lauderdale. Sally On Media is a business intelligence and communications agency offering the following services to socially conscious companies in the U.S. and abroad:

  • development of business strategy and brand positioning based on competitive intelligence and consumer behavior
  • full suite of editorial services: production of multimedia content ranging from website copy and sales brochures to interactive e-zines creating an immersive experience
  • identification of trends that a company can start and issues it can “own” as the means for generating  positive media coverage

This magazine would not be digital or look beautiful without the creative genius of Beth Zinman and Izzy Palheta of Zinman Interactive. As I think you’ll agree, they are incredibly talented. For more info on this great agency, visit www.zinmaninteractive.com. Along with a team led by Terry Balagia, a Saatchi & Saatchi advertising legend and professor at University of Miami and Miami Ad School, we can also produce advertising for all channels.

I hope you will enjoy this interactive experience and share your thoughts…and contact me if you need to build your brand.

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