The world celebrates the Bard's 450th birthday this week.
The world celebrates the Bard’s 450th birthday this week.

This week, English literature lovers and history buffs  celebrated the 450th birthday of William Shakespeare.  Every major news outlet in the world,  the Facebook page in his honor, people following his Twitter feed, and many others to be sure commemorated his outstanding life and legacy.

Scholars credit Shakespeare with inventing more than 1,700 words–even “skim milk” and “advertising.”

In honor of Shakespeare’s incredible influence on the English language, I wrote a poem using his words. Friends in the ad industry will note the connection to this season’s awards cycle. Enjoy!


An Ode to Advertising

All the world’s a stage
in the world of advertising
where even skim milk is marketable

How zany!


when you’re madcap

you merit a gust of exposure
you’re the majestic monumental


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