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Tip: Embrace UGC videos on your own site not just YouTube
Tip: Embrace UGC videos on your own site not just YouTube

In a recent nine-minute YouTube video, self-proclaimed beauty expert “Lizzy” tells her viewers that she doesn’t get a lot of sleep because she’s “so busy”. Interested in hiding the dark circles and bags under her eyes, she tries out Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation.

“It completely transforms [my skin],” she says, applying the foundation with a brush. “I put it underneath my eyes. As you can see it has gotten rid of quite a bit of my ‘baggage’ area… It evens out my skin, covers any marks or scars, and I absolutely love it.”

YouTube: Great for Awareness but Does It Convert to Sales?

As Lizzy’s YouTube video demonstrates, user-generated content (UGC) provides exceptional awareness and social buzz for marketers. However, it’s nearly impossible to tell if such content boosts sales because it is not connected to Maybelline’s website and e-commerce engine.

tvpage_logo_finalEnter TVPage, the San Diego-based video-centric e-commerce company helping retailers to boost retail sales.

As readers of the Creativity Is Contagious blog know, creativity is thinking and doing something new. TVPage fits the bill. Indeed, CEO Allon Caidar is no stranger to innovation, carrying a U.S patent for the system integration of video networks. “Without TVPage, you’re going to be asking yourself how your videos translate to sales,” he explains in a corporate video. “We integrate your videos into your e-commerce store…we make that content work for you.”

TVPage Tech: Consumers One Click Away from Ordering

MediaPost has covered TVPage’s innovation, noting that it works for clients such as lifestyle retailer Tilly’s, where brands such as Adidas, Converse and Hurley sell their fashions. “These aren’t how-to videos; they’re slickly produced, MTV-like videos of young, beautiful people wearing California-casual fashion,” writes P.J Bedarski, editor of MediaPost’s Video Daily. “But watching, you’re one click away from ordering.”

Practicing what they preach, Caidar and his team have produced a demo video, complemented by a four-part white paper series, to explain how e-commerce technology and content strategy fit together:

It’s been a sincere pleasure and quite educational, too, to partner with TVPage on the white papers. We have captured best practices so that you can relate them to your particular business and increase retail sales via a video-centric e-commerce strategy:

1. Why Retailers Should Think Like Netflix

2. Selling Your Products with User-Generated Video Content

3. Building a Successful Video SEO Strategy for Online Retail

4. Video SEO and the .TV Domain. An Online Retail Perspective

If you have questions on how to TVPage can help you, please email sales@tvpage.com.

–Sally O’Dowd is founder and CEO of Sally On Media, a business strategy and branding consulting firm and publisher of the Creativity Is Contagious blog.


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