When Tremor Video’s then-chief revenue officer Randy Kilgore was named board chair of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, he was called upon to present the keynote speech at the group’s annual leadership meeting.

The objective of the keynote was two-fold:

  1. open the IAB meeting with a dynamic presentation and new ideas
  2. demonstrate Tremor Video’s expertise on using digital video advertising to engage consumers


Sally wrote a 20-minute keynote speech, working with Tremor Video’s marketing team to accompany the words with graphics and videos of industry experts speaking about the important role of digital video advertising in the marketing mix. She led presentation training for Randy, who added anecdotes about his father to make the speech personal and authentic.

Sally also worked with company strategists and account teams to release breaking news about a partnership with comScore, thus keeping Tremor Video center stage throughout the two-day event.


The IAB event producers said the multimedia content “was the best keynote we’ve ever had.” comScore spread the mutually beneficial news, resulting in a widely distributed press release; stories and video interviews in MediaPost, on beet.tv and for the IAB site; and extensive event buzz.

Back at Tremor Video’s HQ, the CMO hailed the project, with a Champagne toast for all NYC employees, as one of the most successful initiatives in the company’s history.