Allon Caidar, CEO of video-centric e-commerce company TVPage, asked Sally O’Dowd to write white papers that his sales team could present to prospective clients as part of their pitch. The company wanted to educate brands and retailers on how they could use TVPage technology to connect video content to their e-commerce capabilities to drive online sales.

Sally drew from pop culture and wrote in a conversational style for an entertaining yet informational read.

Sally produced two papers exploring societal trends while sharing e-commerce success stories of TVPage clients Tilly’s and skis.com:

  1. Why Retailers Should Think Netflix uses a ubiquitous brand name to explore the power of a visual message to drive sales.
  2. Selling Your Products With User-Generated Video Content features a YouTube star to demonstrate how brands can reach consumers via their passions.

These and other papers appear in the company’s Resources section while Sally also bundled them into a single blog post featuring a TVPage corporate video. Furthermore, P.J. Bednarski, editor of MediaPost’s Online Video Daily, wrote a positive article about the company, quoting Allon extensively:

“You want to entertain them. You want them to stay [on your site]. You want them to love your brand. It’s just like what a media company does. It’s all about the content. So a retailer has to think a little bit like a media company. They need the engagement.”

TVPage today serves the e-commerce needs of companies such as Hoover, Char-Broil Reebok, Brighton, Dirt Devil, the aforementioned Tilly’s and skis.com, and other major brands.

Tip: Embrace UGC videos on your own site not just YouTube